Wellness treatments to feel good

Be in harmony with yourself and the world. We will be happy to advise you and find the ideal treatment for you. From a classic relaxing and relieving massage up to therapeutic treatments for a healthy back, there are only small steps to the great feeling of well-being.

  • Alle
  • Classic treatements
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Ayurveda
  • Sauna

Classic massage

A powerful massage which specificly relieves tensions in your muscles. Individual and professional.

Treatment duration 25 min from 28 €

Relaxing back massage

A gentle back massage with flowing movements. To simply feel good, relax and re-energize.

Pampering time 25 min from 28 €

Sport leg massage

A combination of different massage grips and muscle stretches ensure a rapid regeneration after physical strain of the leg muscles.

Treatment duration 25 min from 28 €

Massage with herbal bags

A classic massage combined with a targeted heat application. The moist heat of the herbs penetrates deep into the tissue, the musculature loosens and metabolism is stimulated.

Treatment duration 45 min from 68 €

Massage with a hot towel roll

After a classic massage, parts of the body are additionally massaged with a hot towel roll. This is a heat application with a simultaneous massage effect which doesn’t strain the circulatory system. The muscles relax, the blood flow is stimulated.

Pampering time 25 min from 35 €

Manual lymphatic drainage

The manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle treatment originating from the physical therapy field. It stimulates the lymphatic system and thus improves lymphatic drainage. The bodily tissues are noticeably relieved.

Treatment duration 25 min from 28 €

Marma massage

This massage technique stimulates the entire body’s energy system and let Prana, the life energy, flow. Self-healing capacities are activated, natural detoxification is stimulated. The Marma massage is particularly suitable in cases of muscular tension or for regeneration and purification of the body. This massage technique has its origin in the Indian martial arts Kalarippayatu and is still used today.

Pampering time 60 min 85 €

Snehana massage

The well-being massage in Ayurveda. Due to its long strokes and soft circles, this massage technique is highly harmonizing and balancing. Ideal for relaxing. A balm for body, mind and soul.

Pampering time 65 min 85 €

Head and facial massage

Shiro and Mukabhyanga

An intensive ayurvedic head, neck and face massage with special oils. It releases scalp tensions and relieves tight shoulders. The ensuing facial massage has a soothing and harmonizing effect. The oils nourish skin and hair.

Pampering time 25 min 33 €

Garshan massage

In dry massage technique, the body is massaged with raw silk gloves. The connective tissue is gently stimulated as well as metabolism and circulation. Toxins are eliminated more quickly and more easily, dead skin cells are thoroughly and gently removed. This application works like a natural peeling and gives the whole skin a youthful appearance. It is ideal for weight reduction and detoxification. It also has a positive effect on cellulitis.

Pampering time 60 min 70 €

Foot massage Padabhyanga

This Ayurvedic foot massage is a very balancing and soothing massage from the feet and lower legs up to the knees. Pressure on the marma points and over the energy channels affects the whole body’s energy system. For this massage, special oils or ghee are used.

Pampering time 35 min 40 €

Singing bowl massage

The singing bowls are placed on the comfortably clad body and gently struck. The soothing sounds and vibrations put the body in a pleasant state of relaxation and can loosen blockages. A micromassage of the cells occurs.

Pampering time 55 min 60 €

Ayurvedic sound massage

After an Ayurveda massage, the sound cups are placed on different parts of the body and gently beaten. A combination which leads to a very deep relaxation state.

Pampering time 85 min 100 €


Let go, relax, touch, realize. Spaces of well-being. Spaces that do you good. Spaces to re-energize. Take the time to grant yourself this peaceful moment - indoors and outdoors. We have many recipes for inner clarity, for mental and physical well-being.