At home at die Krone

A sense of home

Wellbeing is our heartfelt wish. We believe in growth – in a gentle, natural way. Our roots are deeply embedded in the region, we are open-minded and respect your need for space during your retreat. The hotel has been a family-run establishment for nearly 400 years and we are continuing to develop as we celebrate both our heritage and modern approach.

Die Krone is an inspiring place that grants you strength and tranquility. Take a deep breath and explore the environment and its bubbling life. You’re staying in one of the most beautiful and warmest places in Germany.

We at die Krone love people as they are. Human. Hearty. „Here I am Man, Here I dare to exist“. This is what we care about: hospitality. A warm smile, open-mindfulness and an attentive ear for your individual needs. Because this is your time. Unique. Precious.


Our Krone Feel-Good packages

Black Forest. Adventures

Discover the Black Forest

from 249 €

Easter. A burst of colour

When spring awakens

from 500 €